Meadow Hills provide recruitment services for privates since 7 years in the care sector. 

Staffing Personnel Services is a recruitment services agency for corporate in various industries.

We are a dynamic company which was founded in UK in 2009 and set out to become an independent force and a highly successful business within the care sector.
The company is registered as staffing Personnel & Healthcare Services Limited trade as Meadow Hills Home care & Recruitment Services. Meadow Hills is a 24 hour private home care services, which provides services to adults and the elderly in need of short or long term personal, physical and domestic support to meet their daily needs in the comfort of the client’s home. we are also assist families in the recruitment maids, international nannies, housekeeper, cleaners …
In promoting our clients independence, we provide them with opportunity to have some input into the type of services they intend to receive. This is achieved through meetings with the clients, their families and collaborating with other agencies involve to identifying individual needs.

We also offer jobs and recruitment for housekeeping, cleaning, maids, governess, maternity nurses and  international nannies agency, we assist families to find the right person, our accredited agency check all candidates and provide training.

CV selection, candidates references check, interviews, quality training …..we ensure that all members are selected accordingly to your expectation
We provide to each candidate adequate training.


High Quality and Wide Ranging Services Meadow Hills introduces registered Care/ support workers capable of providing an ample range of high quality and comprehensive services on a short or long term basis.
Our services are divided into the following groups: • Physical Disability • Elderly
• Learning Disability • Children and Families • Live-In-Service ( Companionship)

Meadow Hills offers flexible services in personal care and  housekeeping. We propose our expertise and services to families in need of  a maid, housekeeper  or a nanny …
All our services are non medical in nature. Should you require medical assistance into the services we provide, we will be happy to work with you to co-ordinate these services and include them in your care plan.

Staffing Personnel Services is a recruitment  services agency in various industries 

  • Administrative Assistants
  • Secretaries
  • IT Personnel
  • Customer Service Staff
  • Retail Staff
  • Office Clerk
  • Catering Staff
  • Kitchen Porters
  • Domestic Supervisors
  • Domestic Staff
  • Food Service Assistant
  • School Dinner Helpers
  • Cleaners
  • Home Cleaning
  • Security
  • Construction Workers
  • Bar Staff
  • Drivers
OUR SERVICES are designed to be flexible and responsive. The quality of our services is of prime importance to us and we always strive to match up the needs of individual clients and customers to the skills or experience of the candidates registered to our agency.